Craving for a moist, delicious cake that's ready in a matter of minutes, without fluffy egg whites or boring frosting? Tired of yogurt cake or chocolate chips? This coconut cake makes two courses from a bowl spoon, and it's begging to be at your service, so get ready, bake!

* Ingredients: 6 people.

° 125g grated coconut
° 3 eggs
° 25 cl of milk
° 180 grams of flour
° 120 grams fine sugar
° 4 cl of oil
° 1 sachet of baking powder
° 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
° pinch of salt

* Preparation:

While preheating the oven 5/6 (170 °C), prepare the “device” (dough) for the cake in a bowl: mix with a spoon icing sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, eggs, milk, flour, oil, baking powder and coconut until a paste is obtained homogeneous.

Pour the whole thing into a round mold like the snap mold (if it's not silicone, brush it with melted butter) and bake for 45 minutes in the oven, until the blade of the knife leaves your cake barely moist.

Serve the cake warm or cold, why not serve it with red fruit coulis, chocolate mousse or salted caramel buttercream sauce.

Enjoy !