OldFashioned Yeast Rolls

I couldn't wait to share this smoothie and buttermilk recipe with you! More and more I tried to come up with the cakes of my dreams, once found in some good American restaurants, to take to the table and serve them hot.
I can't wait to share it.  I tried more and more to get the food served hot.

* Ingredients:

° 1 pkg active dry yeast (equals 2 1/4 teaspoons)
° 1/4 c warm water
° 1/3 c granulated white sugar
° 1/4 cup soft butter
° 1 teaspoon salt
° 1 cup hot milk
° 1 lightly beaten egg
° 4 1/2 c sift all-purpose flour
° 2 tablespoons melted butter (brushed rolls)

* Directions :

1. Sprinkle yeast over very warm water in a large bowl. Stir until yeast dissolves. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

2.Add the sugar, 1/4 cup butter and salt to the hot milk and stir until the sugar and butter have melted.Cool the mix to 105-115 deg.  

3. Adding milk mix to yeast, then add eggs.Stir in 4 cups of flour, one cup at a time, to form a soft dough. Use a some of the remaining 1/2 c flour to dust a pastry cloth.

4. Sweetly knead the dough for 5 min. Use rest flour for the pastry cloth flour also your hands.

5. Putting dough in  hot, buttered bowl. Flip grease side up. Covering & let rise in  warm place to doubled in size, for 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours.

6. Turn the dough down and knead for 4 to 5 minutes on a pastry cloth sprinkled with a little flour. The dough be sticky, but using as little flour  to flour your hands, otherwise rolls will not be as light as feathers as they should be.

7. EMploy  knife, we cut the dough ball to four (4) pieces.Cut each piece into four (4) additional pieces or simply cut small pieces of dough and roll them into round balls about 1 3/4 inch in diameter.When balls form, pull the sides down and down to form a roll.Place the bottom side down in neat rows, but not completely touching each other, in a well-greased 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan.  

8. Covering rolls also let them rise in warm place to they double in bulk; 30-45 min .When they have doubled in size, grease the tops with melted butter and bake at 175 ° F for 1,820 minutes or until golden brown. My oven runs hot, so I usually bake at 325 so the tops aren't browned before the rolls inside are cooked through. Adjust the oven temperature accordingly.

9. If wanted, brush (or shower!) in more melt butter while hot.The butter will explode on the sides and bottom of the buns for a smooth, smooth crust.

Enjoy !