Baked ham


°1 pork leg (1)
QS very cold liquid brine (2)
or QS coarse salt and QS herbs (3)
°Aromatic garnish (4)
°50g carrot
°50g onion
°50g leek
°1 clove
°10 peppercorns
°4 juniper berries
°1 sprig of thyme
°1 bay leaf

It is best to order it from your butcher, the thighs available are generally cut into slices. Note that it is also possible to make shoulder hams.
Provide a quantity of liquid brine sufficient to completely immerse the piece of meat in a plastic or stainless steel tank of suitable size.

It is possible to add glutamate to the brine to enhance the flavors of the ham.

Prepare the brine preferably the day before and keep it in the refrigerator so that it can be around 4°C when it is used.

The amount of coarse salt required should allow the thigh to be completely coated with a layer of 1 cm on all sides and interstices. Work in a suitable tank.
Weighed for 1 liter of broth, adjust according to the total amount of liquid needed to poach the ham.