*Chicken & Dumplings*


°4 boneless, chicken breast
°1 can chicken broth
°2 cans cream of chicken
°Slice ​​carrot
°1/2 can of peas
°1/2 onion
°crumbled bacon
°garlic powder
°salt and pepper
°1 box of puff pastry cookies

*Methods :

 Place the chicken breasts in the bottom of the slow cooker
Pour chicken broth also the 2 chicken creams on it
Adding carrots, celery & onion.
Adding garlic powder, salt & pepper & parsley flakes on top, acccorde to your preference
Cooking on high heat for 3 h
Removing chicken also shred. Putting back chicken with crumbled bacon & the peas, mix.
Break up unbaked flaky cookies also put them in slow cooker. I break every roll to for 3 parts and just placing them on top.
Continue to cooking for an h or more on high 

Enjoy !