Old fashioned 7 Minute Frosting


° 1+1/2C. Sugar.
° 1/3C. Of cold water.
° 2 egg whites.
° A pinch of salt.
° 1 TSP. vanilla extract.
°1/2 TSP. tartar cream.


 STEP 1_Combine sugar, water, cream tartar, egg whites and salt in a medium glass bowl.
 STEP 2_place a puddle of simmering water on the burner. + STEP 1_Beat the egg mixture for 30 seconds on low using an electric mixer.
 STEP 3_Place the bowl over the pan of a double boiler and take a high bath until stiff and light for up to seven minutes.
 STEP 4_Remove from the heat, add the vanilla extract and mix for 2 minutes until incorporated.
 STEP 5_The frosting is set quickly, so you must use it directly.

**Note: To frost a layer cake, you would need two recipes with this frosting. This recipe is beautifully doubled, no need to make two different batches, just double it and do it all in one go.

Enjoy !