Clean your stove vents

No more non-stick coatings. I chose a stainless steel frying pan, in order to eat as healthy food as possible. Except that with use, food sticks and this pan is hard to clean. Here are some tips for easier maintenance and less sticky foods.

Green solution: white vinegar mixed with baking soda

Burnt food sticking to the bottom of the pan? Pour the baking powder into the pan first before adding the vinegar. Then rub gently with a non-abrasive sponge, insisting slightly on the soiled areas before rinsing well. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. Household alcohol and black soap are also good cleaners for staining stainless steel. Natural solutions require more patience and time, so be persistent.
Boil water for 15 minutes in the wok/pot to dissolve this residue, wash, dry and repeat if necessary.

How to avoid damaging the stainless steel pot?
Stainless steel corrosion often results from adding salt to cold cooking water. The right thing to do is to add it when the water boils. Banning bleaching! It is harmful to stainless steel.

How do you avoid scratches?
Choosing pots is essential. It is best to use a wooden spoon, a sponge, a non-abrasive brush, or even a rag to loosen the burnt particles from the bottom of the stainless steel bowl. Don't worry, if any scratches appear, they will not affect the performance of the fryer. You can continue to cook with it.

Does your stainless steel stove have white marks?
These traces come from limestone found in the water. They can be easily removed with a sponge and white vinegar diluted or undiluted with water.

To avoid frequent cleaning sessions, know that there are tips for using a stainless steel pan to prevent food from sticking while cooking.

> Add the fat to the bottom of the pan and cover the entire surface with a paper towel.

> Wait for the right temperature before putting food in the pan. One foolproof technique is to pour a few drops onto the pan. If the drops roll, it's still early days. If the drips evaporate or wheeze, that's fine. Leave your food and cut the energy in half.

> Cook on low heat.

If you are cooking meat, you should wait for the juices to be released before turning the piece over. If you stop, it's too early.