Apple ButterApple Butter

Today I suggest you make delicious apple butter, another quick and easy recipe!
If you don't know, this is a Canadian recipe that is somewhat similar to compote in terms of preparation, but the taste and texture are not quite the same. We add a little butter (we could put more but I found enough) and maple syrup, in taste reminded me of a tart tatin! The caramelized maple syrup effect, yum! To spread in breakfast is excellent and less sweet than jam :-)
* Ingredients: (for a 450g bowl):

°4 apples - net weight here is 520g (peeled and seeded)
°20 ml maple syrup
°40 gm unsalted butter

* Preparation :

Peeled & core apple, & cutting it to pieces.
Put it in a pan and sprinkle with maple syrup. Let to cooking for 20 min, stir occasionally.
As soon as the apples melt, mix them with a blender (or blender), add the butter and mix well.
Store in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Enjoy !